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  • Teach Yourself VISUALLY Raspberry Pi
    Добавлен: 19-05-2014, 08:00 Просмотров: 1625 Комментарии: 0

    Название: Teach Yourself VISUALLY Raspberry Pi
    Автор: Richard Wentk
    Год издания: 2014
    Страниц: 320
    Формат: pdf
    Размер: 49,03 MB
    Описание: Full-color, step-by-step guidance for learning to use Raspberry Pi!
         Raspberry Pi is an inexpensive, single-board computer that serves as an introductory board for students and developing computer professionals. This image-driven, visual guide shows you how the Raspberry Pi can be easily used as a stand-alone computer, a media center, a web server, and much more. Vivid, full-color images bring Raspberry Pi projects to life, while well-illustrated circuit diagrams and step-by-step practical advice cover everything from working with the included software to branching out into typical but more complex endeavors.
         Covers interesting topics for students and aspiring computer professionals
         Demonstrates how to create custom projects, work with the Raspberry OS, install other operating systems, get the most out of the Raspberry Pi, and much more
         Encourages users to study and tinker with the Raspberry Pi
         Teach Yourself VISUALLY Raspberry Pi is an ideal resource for anyone who learns better with visual instruction and puts them well on their way to making the most of this low-cost computer.
    Adventures In Raspberry Pi
    Добавлен: 8-04-2014, 01:22 Просмотров: 1595 Комментарии: 0

    Название: Adventures In Raspberry Pi
    Автор: Carrie Anne Philbin
    Год издания: 2014
    Страниц: 258
    Формат: pdf
    Размер: 25,50 MB
    Описание: Even if your kids don't have an ounce of computer geek in them, they can learn to code with Raspberry Pi and this wonderful book. Written for 11- to 15-year-olds and assuming no prior computing knowledge, this book uses the wildly successful, low-cost, credit-card-sized Raspberry Pi computer to explain fundamental computing concepts. Young people will enjoy going through the book's nine fun projects while they learn basic programming and system administration skills, starting with the very basics of how to plug in the board and turn it on.