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  • - Библиотека радиолюбителя » Книги » Микроконтроллеры » Микроконтроллеры AVR » Getting Started with Adafruit Trinket. 15 Projects with the Low-Cost AVR ATtiny85 Board
    Getting Started with Adafruit Trinket. 15 Projects with the Low-Cost AVR ATtiny85 Board
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    Название: Getting Started with Adafruit Trinket. 15 Projects with the Low-Cost AVR ATtiny85 Board
    Автор: Barela M.
    Год издания: 2015
    Страниц: 258
    Язык: Английский
    Формат: pdf
    Размер: 35,15 MB
    Описание: Arduino's ubiquity and simplicity has led to a gigantic surge in the use of microcontrollers to build programmable electronics project. Despite the low cost of Arduino, you're still committing about $30 worth of hardware every time you build a project that has an Arduino inside. This is where Adafruit's Trinket comes in. Arduino-compatible, one-third the price, and low-power, the Trinket lets you make inexpensive and powerful programmable electronic projects. Written by one of the authors of Adafruit's Trinket documentation, Getting Started with Trinket gets you up and running quickly with this board, and gives you some great projects to inspire your own creations.
         This book is for you, the enthusiast who is expanding his knowledge of Making and controlling items through classes or self-study.
         Working with Trinket is suitable for beginners, although it is assumed you have some familiarity with what a microcontroller is and with basic programming principles. The book steps through basic projects, working toward more challenging circuits and code. You’ll ind that adapt and add concepts to create new functionality. After you complete the book, you can use it as a reference for microcontrollers, sensors, and coding techniques.
         You will want to learn how to use the Arduino integrated development envronment (IDE) for most of the examples in the book. Arduino compatibles are programmed in a variation of the C programming language with various prebuilt code in libraries. All of the code for the examples is supplied in the book and online. For later projects, familiarity with electronics and project assembly is helpful but not required.
         You will be following diagrams illustrating point-to-point wiring of electrical circuits. You’ll be working on a solderless breadboard, which makes this easy to complete.

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