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    : Arduino Robotic Projects
    : Richard Grimmett
    : 2014
    : 240
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    : This book is for anyone who has been curious about using Arduino to create robotic projects that were previously the domain of research labs of major universities or defense departments. Some programming background is useful, but if you know how to use a PC, you can, with the aid of the step-by-step instructions in this book, construct complex robotic projects that can roll, walk, swim, or fly.
    Develop a series of exciting robots that can sail, go under water, and fly.
    Simple, easy-to-understand instructions to program Arduino.
    Effectively control the movements of all types of motors using Arduino.
    Use sensors, GSP, and a magnetic compass to give your robot direction and make it lifelike.
         Arduino Robotic Projects starts with the fundamentals of turning on the basic hardware and then provides complete, step-by-step instructions that allow almost anyone to use this low-cost hardware platform. You'll build projects that can move using DC motors, walk using servo motors, and then add sensors to avoid barriers. You'll also learn how to add more complex navigational techniques such as GPRS so that your robot won't get lost.

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